An interview with Jas Bhatia, NLP Expert & Creative Director of Igniting Spark –

Jas comes with an overall experience of 11+ years in Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coaching, Behavioral Training and Sales & Marketing. Her partners  include sportspeople, entrepreneurs, senior management, decision makers, PSUs and Multinationals. She has been an effective agent of change for over half a million people, accelerating their progress to achieve their maximum potential and in turn, enrich their lives.

Jasbinder Gulati – What is important to you in your life? Your top 5 values.

 Jas Bhatia – The congruency of what is being said and the actions taken is the most important value for me. If I were to state my top values, they would be: love, compassion, integrity, surrender and above all, passion! I am alive till the time I have passion…

Jasbinder Gulati – What’s your area of expertise? Why is it important to you?

Jas Bhatia – Well, facilitating desired results for human beings is my expertise. I am adept at analysing human behavior and re-directing it to a more purposeful manner. Being an expert in Neuro Linguistic Programming, driving achievements for people and coaching them to get over the “bad” is my daily story! This is gratifying, to say the least! Personally, it makes me feel that I am contributing to the lives of people. And once people are empowered, they would be a stronger source of strength for their own family and friends. This is bound to create a ripple effect and eventually, the all citizens of the world will be empowered (far fetched and possible!)! I will be happier to see people at that stage!

Jasbinder Gulati – What is your vision for yourself when it comes to your own professional development? How do you see yourself 10 yrs (20 yrs) in terms of your professional development?

Jas Bhatia – I see myself as a world speaker and a transformational educationist, both of children and adults. 10 years from now, I would be an author of several books, would institutionalized new age education of relevance for children and would have coached over half the planet.

Jasbinder Gulati – What’s your life’s mission? How do you plan to achieve it?

Jas Bhatia – My lifes’ mission is to co-create lives with value and of value to the world. It can only be done by raising the level of consciousness and it is feasible when each one on this planet makes effort to raise their level of consciousness. With passion and empowering patterns like NLP and common sense, I am already on my mission.

Jasbinder Gulati – What role do you think FMA Fitness can play to help in the achievement of your life’ mission?

Jas Bhatia – The values held by FMA Fitness are similar to the ones I hold. Hence, I resonate well with the people there. FMA Fitness provides me a platform to touch more lives and transform them by working on their challenges and helping them achieve their goals.

FMA Fitness, from day one, has been co-creating lives, in particular the arena of health, of value, in sync with their members. I join in to co-create their lives in a more comprehensive holistic manner.

Jasbinder Gulati – Any other message you have for our readers?

Jas Bhatia – Yes! Passion is all that counts!!!