Hi everyone, Team FMA is happy to announce that our “Member of the month in our Fitness Division for September” is Mr. Vikas Gupta.

Read below the transcript for the interview our Director & Head Trainer Jasbinder Gulati (Jazz) had with Vikas Sir. We sincerely hope that all of us can learn so much from this interview.

Jasbinder Gulati: What’s important for you in your life? Your top 3 values.

Vikas Gupta: for me health, family & my work with full dedication are most important.

Jasbinder Gulati: What’s your age? Why is it important for you to keep yourself healthy?

Vikas Gupta: I am 48years young. For me keeping healthy is the most important aspect of life. There’s nothing above ones own health. Only if I’m physically healthy only then my mind will compliment my body. If I’m healthy that means I can take care of myself and only then I would be able to properly take care of the people and family around me.

Jasbinder Gulati: What’s your vision for yourself when it comes to your Wellness ? How do you see yourself 10 yrs (20 yrs) from today in terms of your health?

Vikas Gupta: If God permits I see myself more healthy fit and energetic even after 10 to 20 years down the line.

Wellness for me is being healthy both physically and mentally till the last breath and I do want to spread the awareness of being healthy and it’s positive results in whatever manner I can.

Jasbinder Gulati: What’s your plan to keep yourself healthy and fit? Your weekly plan. Where does fma fitness fits in? How have fma coaches helped you in achieving your goals?

Vikas Gupta: My life long agenda relating to my health would be to eat good, exercise well and remain positive in every condition as far as possible.

As per my weekly programme goes I’m working out 5 days a week at FMA Fitness and on saturday, I go for my cycling trips and on the seventh day I either give my body a complete rest or just go for a morning stroll to a lush green park to breathe fresh air.

Now coming to the most important aspect of my wellness programme …I’m really indebted to the team at FMA Fitness. I have been working out for more than 25 years but have never felt so motivated and content the way I feel today after joining FMA Fitness. I just love the rotational workouts and the new challenges we all are given everyday.

I feel that my stamina has increased manifolds. My body fat percentage has gone down; I have more of lean muscle now and my fitness level has shot up after joining FMA Fitness.

Last but not the least I’m really grateful to my coaches ..Jazz Sir for whom I can simply vouch that he is one of the most compiled and patient trainers of all time; he is a gem who shares his immense knowledge with all his trainees by setting up new goals for them every time. Special thanks to Raj Sir for being so friendly and helping all to be stay motivated and to dearest Hussey for helping in the best possible manner even at this young age.

Right now I can say I’m incomplete without you all and FMA Fitness. My day starts with you and I hope my life ends up with you

Jasbinder Gulati: We are very thankful and blessed to have you as our family member.

We enjoy what we do and would continue to outperform our former self to become a better professional and a better human being.

Thanks again Sir.